Thursday, June 19, 2008

Madison lost her first tooth!!!!

Today, right before lunch, I was able to get the tooth out. It had been lose for a while and the permanent tooth was right behind it. Grady's teeth did this as well and our dentist said not to worry about it. I was starting to get worried since it had been so long and her teeth were moving. So I worked on it 2 nights ago and then again this morning. She's so excited to have it gone. I'm sure you can tell from these pics!!! Andrew was upset that his teeth weren't loose!!

In this pic, you can see the permanent tooth.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our Garden Pics

This year, Jason went all out. He rented a tiller and made a big garden. Of course,this garden is already too small and he needs a bigger one. I can't argue as he grows yummy food for us. We have already harvested numerous radishes, 3 squash and enough purple bush beans for a dinner. All of it was yummy! We can't wait for more!

Here are some pics:

It's hard to see, but this is the garden.

Here's a pic of our first purple pole beans. Some of our yellow squash plants.
Tomato plants: We have a few different varities planted. Butternut squash plant that came up from our compost :) Corn!!

Our week in review

We had a great week!! We had park day with our friends on Wednesday. Thursday we went to Six Flags. The weather was great and it was not too crowded. I can truthfully say that we all had a blast! Friday, Grady and Jason went kayaking at Sweetwater Creek. They both had a fantastic time and are planning to go again next week. Today, we all went to Sweetwater Creek Park's Arts & Craft Festival. We watched a fantastic reptile show. Madison rode a horse. Andrew bounced in a bouncy house. Grady watched the fish and ducks in the lake. Mom and Dad watched the kids enjoying themselves. We also bought some kettle korn to share while we took a break. All in all it was an enjoyable week.

Of course, tomorrow is Father's Day and we have brunch at Bill & Gail's home and presents for Jason. I can't wait to see what he thinks of his gift from us this year :)

Grady looking at the lake while Madison and I waited in the horse riding line.

Madison riding "the big horse" she waited for!! She's so happy!!