Monday, January 28, 2008

Madison's Ankle

Last Monday, I took Madison to the doctor. She fell outside playing the Friday before and on Monday morning her ankle was still hurting and swollen. So, off to the Dr we went. Several x-rays later it was determined she had a badly sprained ankle. She was put in a soft cast with a brace and we made an appt for today for a re-check. Well, today we were told she needed 3 weeks of physical therapy to strengthen the ligament. It's been quite a ride and it's not over yet.

Madison's doing fine. Her ankle does still hurt a little. She's still in the brace, but she's a trooper. All I have to say is thank goodness for health insurance!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snow twice in one week!!

Living in Georgia, we don't see snow that often. The last time it snowed, Madison was 2 and Grady was 5. Madison didn't remember the snow and Andrew had never seen snow. It was quite the treat. When Saturday came and it snowed all day, they were so exicited. It snowed pretty heavy all day and was so beautiful. They made snowmen and snow angels and had a blast. Today, the snow is all ice and woudn't be any fun to play with , but it's still pretty :) This picture above is some of our backyard yesterday. It's now my computer background, I love it so much!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our life this week

Here's Grady's new kayak!! He's very happy and can't wait to take it out :) After a fairly boring trip to the airport to pick it up, he's happy to finally have it home. His siblings thought it was very cool as well. Now, Daddy's lobbying for a new hardshell as well! I see lots of kayaking in our future.

Andrew loves having his picture taken and frequently asks me to take his picture. This time I was checking email and he handed me the camera, put on these glasses and said"take my picture!". Isn't he cute?

This week Grandma, my sister Savannah and I took the kids to a local park. This is a pretty nice park with 3 playgrounds, a lake and a walking trail. It's in Hiram for the locals, right downtown. The kids enjoyed the merry-go-round. You don't see them much these days and the kids had never played on one. We spent quite a while playing on this and I took about 20 pics of them going round and round.

We ended our holiday vacation this Monday. Grady and Madison started a new online curriculum and they seem to love it ( We alos checked out a homeschool group on Monday. Grady took a human body class. Madison enjoyed her hand-sweing class and Andrew experienced pre-k for the first time. Everyone had fun and will probably join the group as they are very close to our home and have lots to do.

Wednesday, we resumed our classes at the Robert's School. Grady is in Elem. Chemistry and Madison is taking piano this session. They both really enjoy thier classes thru GA-EPH. They have made great friends and always learn a lot. Andrew stayed home with Daddy (his choice). They enjoyed some one-on-one time. They both love having time together :)

We had a pretty nice week. The weather was great. The kids did thier school work without much complaint. Daddy was home all week. I even found some time to sew!

See you next time :)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Cleaning and more cleaning

Today we cleaned the entire house. It was a mess after 3 birthdays, Christmas and New Year's. We start school again on Monday and we had to get organized!!

Yesterday was Grady's 8th birthday. He was very happy with his sister's gift :)

Jason replaced 2 stairs on our inside staircase. I removed the carpet from them and painted the wood a while ago, so it's nice to almost have this home project done. I still need to cover the nail holes and touch up the paint, but we are almost done. Our master bedroom is next on the list. I can't wait to start on it!!

We just finished dinner. It was a yummy taco soup. We are trying to eat less meat and I used veggie crumbles for the first time tonight. The kids had no clue and I think it will make a great meat replacement in soups, spaghetti and the like. Here's to a healthy New Year for us all!!

And so it begins.....

I've never had a need for a blog, but I do love to read others I thought I'd give it a shot. Maybe someone will find it useful:)