Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our life this week

Here's Grady's new kayak!! He's very happy and can't wait to take it out :) After a fairly boring trip to the airport to pick it up, he's happy to finally have it home. His siblings thought it was very cool as well. Now, Daddy's lobbying for a new hardshell as well! I see lots of kayaking in our future.

Andrew loves having his picture taken and frequently asks me to take his picture. This time I was checking email and he handed me the camera, put on these glasses and said"take my picture!". Isn't he cute?

This week Grandma, my sister Savannah and I took the kids to a local park. This is a pretty nice park with 3 playgrounds, a lake and a walking trail. It's in Hiram for the locals, right downtown. The kids enjoyed the merry-go-round. You don't see them much these days and the kids had never played on one. We spent quite a while playing on this and I took about 20 pics of them going round and round.

We ended our holiday vacation this Monday. Grady and Madison started a new online curriculum and they seem to love it ( We alos checked out a homeschool group on Monday. Grady took a human body class. Madison enjoyed her hand-sweing class and Andrew experienced pre-k for the first time. Everyone had fun and will probably join the group as they are very close to our home and have lots to do.

Wednesday, we resumed our classes at the Robert's School. Grady is in Elem. Chemistry and Madison is taking piano this session. They both really enjoy thier classes thru GA-EPH. They have made great friends and always learn a lot. Andrew stayed home with Daddy (his choice). They enjoyed some one-on-one time. They both love having time together :)

We had a pretty nice week. The weather was great. The kids did thier school work without much complaint. Daddy was home all week. I even found some time to sew!

See you next time :)

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