Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Well, we won't be going to class afterall today. The boys are sick with a stomach virus :( Last night was no fun for me. I called Jason and begged him to rent a car and come home and help me clean it all up. They seem to be better today. I hope Madison and I don't get sick as well.

On a lighter note, we woke up to snow!! It was light, but any snow in Georgia causes much excitement. The kids are dying to get outside. Of course 2 of the 3 are sick and it's really cold out there, so it probably won't happen.

We are going to relax and get better today. I did get some pics uploaded to Shutterfly before the choas. I hope to get some more today and order prints. I'm trying to work on scrapbooks for us. Hopefully, I'll make beautiful family keepsakes.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This morning I was awakened by some crazy weather. I tried to go back to sleep, but I kept thinking that we could be under a tornado warning, so I got up to check. On my way out of the bedroom I looked at the clock, 6:22. I knew I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep. Yeah me. After checking the weather and realizing we would be OK, I made coffee and settled on the sofa to watch the news. One by one the kids joined me and we got on with our day. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow's frigid temps, but we will survive. I just wish we didn't have to leave the house for our enrichment classes tomorrow. I don't like the cold!!

We had a busy weekend, but it was fun! Madison's Daisy Troop went to Thinking Day on Saturday. All the local Girl Scouts get together and learn about other countries. Each troop has a booth with information on the country they chose. Most booths include flags and a food sample from each country. All the girls have necklaces and they get swaps at each country's table. The swaps represent something about each country. Madison and I had a lot of fun. Sunday, Grady's Cheer Team had competition. They did so well. They really hit their routine. They won second place!! After the competition we raced over to a birthday party and then we crashed when we got home. Much on Monday was spent cleaning the house and resting :)

We are pretty busy this week as well with something planned out of the house each day. This weekend holds another cheer competition in store for us. Will be gone all day Saturday. Hopefully, we'll get to rest on Sunday!

I'm off to upload some pics on Shutterfly so I can print them. Have a great evening!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cheerleading Competition

We are in the middle of Grady's first cheerleading season. We have competitions pretty much every weekend for 2 months. Today was our first day of a 2-day competition. The team did well and are steadily improving. Grady loves it. He really enjoys performing and learning how to tumble. It's a learning experience for us all :) Here are a few pics from today (can you find Grady's red hair?):

Update on Madison's ankle~~She seems to be doing much better!! She went without her ankle brace today :)