Friday, January 4, 2008

Cleaning and more cleaning

Today we cleaned the entire house. It was a mess after 3 birthdays, Christmas and New Year's. We start school again on Monday and we had to get organized!!

Yesterday was Grady's 8th birthday. He was very happy with his sister's gift :)

Jason replaced 2 stairs on our inside staircase. I removed the carpet from them and painted the wood a while ago, so it's nice to almost have this home project done. I still need to cover the nail holes and touch up the paint, but we are almost done. Our master bedroom is next on the list. I can't wait to start on it!!

We just finished dinner. It was a yummy taco soup. We are trying to eat less meat and I used veggie crumbles for the first time tonight. The kids had no clue and I think it will make a great meat replacement in soups, spaghetti and the like. Here's to a healthy New Year for us all!!

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