Sunday, November 16, 2008

Madison's First Big Cheer Performance

Yesterday, Madison and her Pixie squad had their first performance at a cheer competition. The girls did awesome and had fun!! They didn't compete, just did an exhibition, since they are so little. the squad has 3,4,5,6 and one just turned 7 year old on it. It's every one's first year, so we are all learning.

Madison seems to be the leader and helps everyone along. To me, she seems bossy, but the coaches and other parents think she's being helpful. So, I let her continue on. She loves cheering and seem to be good at it. Hopefully, next year I'll get to see exactly how much she can do. This squad is a little limiting for her, so it'll be nice to she how she grows next year.

The day was full of stress for me. I had planned on enjoying the day in the stands like any other parent. Truth is, I'm not any other parent. I'm the gym owner's daughter and everyone looks to me for answers. Not that I mind, but sometimes I want to just be like everyone else. Today, our pixie coach decided to not come to the competition and the music cd broke. Mom called me at 1 and we were leaving at 1:30 to tell me that the coach wouldn't be there and that I needed to find the music as well or the pixie's wouldn't have music. I found the music, but didn't have any cds to burn it on. So, we took the laptop with us and stopped at the store to buy some cds. Well, the song wouldn't play on the cd player, only my computer. After many kind people trying to figure it out for me, we ended up putting the microphone on the computer's speaker. It worked, thankfully, but could have been better. I have since found another copy of the song, downloaded it and it plays just fine!!! The music was stressful, but even more stressful was the coach issue. The team are all very young and they have bonded with their coach. They do not like to perform when she's not there. No one else knows the routine well enough to be of any help to the girls. They usually follow along with their coach while they perform. They couldn't do that yesterday because she wasn't there. We did have 2 other coaches stand in for her, but it was hard on the girls, especially Madison. She ended up throwing herself on the floor in warm-ups crying. Thankfully she composed herself and managed to perform the routine while smiling!!

So you can see that the squad did an awesome job yesterday and I'm truly glad it's over!! I look forward to their next performance and hope that it won't be so stressful :)

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