Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 4: Sunburns and Seafood

Dinner at Dockside Bay Cafe in Port St. Joe

Madison waiting on her shrimp!

We spent all day on the beach. It was much fun after spending so much time indoors, due to the tropical storm. We were lucky enough to have tidal pools right in front of our house this morning. The kids built dams on either side of one big tidal pool. They had the water to play in most of the day. We also spent a lot of time body surfing. There were some decent waves out

Grady and Andrew got sunburned on thier faces where the scuba mask goes. I guess the sunscreen was removed by putting on and taking off the masks. My legs got burned pretty badly, no clue how that happened. Jason got burned all over his upper body. We used a spray sunscreen of 60 SPF. I think it didn't cover very well. I bought some of our old standby lotion, No Ad. Hopefully, we avoid any more burns.

We went into town to eat at a seafood cafe on the marina. Madison had steamed shrimp. Grady had popcorn shrimp. Andrew had a corndog! I had a grouper sandwich and Jason had 4 dozen raw oysters!! They were buy one get one dozen free. He started off with 2 dozen. Madison tried one and liked it. Jason ordered more to share with Madison and she tried 2 more, but decided she didn't like them. So, Jason finished them himself. He was very full :)

I think we will do something inside tomorrow. Our skin needs a break.

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