Friday, November 13, 2009

Etowah Indian Mounds Field Trip!

Etowah River
Grady, Madison and Andrew at the top of a mound.
I took this on top of the biggest mound, looking at a smaller mound.
Jason and Andrew on the big mound.
Madison enjoying the view.

After a not so good Wednesday, I was really glad that we had some fun planned :) We have been studying Native Americans in the preschool class I teach, so I thought it would be nice to visit the Indian Mounds. We lived in Cartersville for 5 years and we didn't go once. Our kids were still too small to get anything out of it.

Yesterday was perfect. The weather was beautiful. The kids got to see some of the things we had talked about. Jason was off and got to go too! It was really a lovely day. Afterwards, we ate lunch at Pizza Hut. The kids are participating in the "Book It" program and all 3 had earned a free personal pan pizza. Jason and I enjoyed a yummy spicy pizza. Perfect!

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