Friday, March 12, 2010

March 7-12, 2010

Grady had his first swim meet on Saturday. He did a fantastic job and we are all proud of him. It was a learning experience for us all! A long day with a lot of fun :)

In math this week, Grady started on Singapore 4B. Madison is finishing up 2A and Andrew started Singapore Kindergarten B. Everyone's making good progress and mastering thier lessons.

In language arts, Grady started reading a book about the Wright Brothers. We are hoping to plan a trip to the Wright Muesuem in Kitty Hawk, NC. I did some research and it's 10 hours from here. I'm not sure if we'll drive or fly, but we are hoping to visit soon. Madison and Andrew are plugging along in thier work as well.

We started learning about cells this week. G&M are fascinated and are begging to learn more. We studied organelles and colored animal cells today. I love biology, so Mama's happy :)

Spanish continues. We are working on plurals on Live Mocha. We are all enjoying it. It's getting harder, but still manageable. I'm wondering how far we will get before it's too hard. I guess will see!

Wednesday, our session 4 started at our homeschool enrichment program. I'm contuining to teach pre-k. Madison and Andrew are taking a clay class together and Grady is in his second session of computer game design class. I was so proud of Andrew. The clay class is his first class without me. He did so well and listened to his teacher!! Proud mommy moment:)

That's all for now!


Daisy said...

A great week! Congratulations on the swim meet. Traveling to Kitty Hawk sounds fun. We did a bit with cells this week also.

Moonbeam said...

Congratulations on a wonderful swim meet! We love the Outerbanks. Definitely worth a visit. Continue to enjoy your adventures in biology.

cyn said...

A big congratulations on a great swim meet. Biology is a favourite subject around here too!