Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Andrew's 8th Birthday Party & GF Rainbow Cake!

Our youngest turned 8 years old in December. We threw him a rainbow themed party. It was a blast!

Of course, we had to have the rainbow cake that's all over Pinterest. Ours had to be gluten free, so I used Hodgson Mill Yellow Gluten Free Cake Mix, http://www.hodgsonmillstore.com/en/Gluten-Free/Gluten-Free-Yellow-Cake-Mix/71518-02130-001_Group.aspx. I am glad that I did. The cake was yummy and moist! 
 I won't bore you with all the details, you can find them on Pinterest. Some things I did do differently since the cake was gluten free. I followed the cake mix directions exactly. Then I separated the mix into 6 bowls and added the gel food coloring.
 GF cake mix is thick so when I did the first layer I thought everything was over. My cake was just standing there in a pile. It was not filling the pan. After a little shaking and coaxing it looked ok.

 The cooked cakes. After they cooled, I used an electric knife to even the tops.

After frosting with a whipped cream frosting, I printed an 8 from my computer, cut it out and placed it on the cake. I then sprinkled like mad all around my 8 stencil.

 This is a pic of my piece with vanilla ice cream, yum!

 I made some other rainbow treats for the party like these rainbow kabobs and a rainbow layered jello with whipped cream on top.

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Gretchen said...

So cute! I clicked on your link from Uncommon Slice of Suburbia, not realizing it was you, so yummy did your cake look :)

Cassie McCollum said...

Thanks, Gretchen!