Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 3-7, 2010

This week, we spent a lot of time at the pool. 4 out of 5 nights. The other night was spent at the gym. One of the 5 nights we were at both the gym and the pool! Daddy's been gone since Tuesday. I hate 5 day trips. 4 days are doable. 5 day trips are insane. I need a break!! Thankfully, it's Saturday and he'll be home later this evening. I plan on relaxing today and finishing up Mother's Day Gifts for the Grandmothers. I hope to cook a nice dinner that isn't rushed. We'll see.

Wednesday was our last co-op day for this year. It was a little sad as I won't be seeing my students every week. I have really enjoyed our time together. My kids loved their classes. Grady will forever love computers. I don't know if he will work with computers. He loves being outside too much to be stuck inside, I think. Who knows? The teacher did say that he tries new things that she wouldn't have thought to try. She did say that he would never be unemployed! That's a good thing. Madison and Andrew both finished up clay class. I have more cute little clay pieces than I know what to do with!

Some of our friends are close to finishing up their school year or are done already. I have been very jealous of them this week. We school year round. We are far from through with math and reading. We are done with everything else. My husband likes to remind me that we took a month long beach vacation when everyone else was in school. Yes, I know that and it was great, but now I want to be done teaching and play! Thankfully, we have another beach vacation in a week and we will all get a much deserved break and hopefully come back renewed.

The kids are doing great work and are learning, as usual. Progress is being made. Grady is learning how to write a research paper. His topic is the state of Georgia. We are learning some interesting things about GA as we do our research. He picked out a book to read on his own and he finished it in 2 hours! That's probably the best thing that happened this week. Grady just didn't read before this year, his 4th grade year. He's dyslexic and it took a while to figure out what works for him. I'm so thankful that he's reading on grade level. He's so intelligent I didn't want reading to hold him back.

I know I haven't said much about Madison and Andrew yet. They are both doing well. Andrew's halfway through Singapore KB. He's reading well. He continues to amaze me daily with what he can handle. Madison's learning mental math in Singapore 2B and is getting it. It's something I wasn't taught, so it's cool seeing Madison do it.

Next week holds packing for vacation and getting ready for a Saturday swim meet. Grady's 3rd and Madison's 1st!!

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