Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vacation! May 17- 23, 2010

Last week, we drove to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. It's a 10 hour drive from Atlanta. We spent the first night in a hotel in Raleigh since we knew it was going to be raining that night. The drive was horrible. It was raining pretty hard and there were lots of accidents. When we arrived at the campground and started to set up our tent we were unsure our tent could withstand the winds. Thankfully, Jason was able to stabilize it enough to survive the 20 MPH winds.

We got to visit the NC Aquarium, The Roanoke Island Festival Park,The Wright Brothers Memorial, the beach, and 2 lighthouses. We learned a lot about the Native Americans and some of the first English people to come over to America. The Memorial was awesome! We learned a lot about aviation and about Orville and Wilbur. This was great given that Grady had read a biography about them and this was the inspiration for the whole trip :) We spent 2 days playing in the Atlantic Ocean. The kids are crazy fish and spent a lot of time in the cold water!!

This was the first time we camped without power or water at our campsite. The showers were also cold water only. Thankfully, we planned ahead. We brought solar showers, an electric converter and a big water container. It wasn't bad at all. We were camping on the beach so I was willing to give up some "luxuries".

We had a good time and would consider going back sometime in the future. On the drive home we drove the whole 10 hours home. The kids were fantastic and it was a relatively pleasant drive, thankfully!

Here's a link to some photos of our trip: Outer Bank Photos

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