Monday, January 17, 2011

Grady's Bday and Lots of Snow!

So, it snowed last week, with ice. We were stuck inside our house for a solid week. Thankfully, I had prepared and we didn't lose power. Also, Jason was home until Thursday. There is still snow/ice on the ground at my house, 8 days after it snowed. This is crazy for Georgia, but I fear it will become commonplace. The kids had a lot of fun and played outside most of the days we were stuck at home. We also continued with our schoolwork while the public school kids had the entire week off.

When we finally went out of the house and drove on the roads on Saturday I was amazed at how much ice/snow/slush was still on the ground. It really is time that the DOT invest in some snow removal equipment.

our front yard

Our front porch/side yard

Grady turned 11 on Jan 3. We had a family party that day and we all had a great time! Here's Grady blowing out the candles!

His cake, made by me. It was vanilla and mint and it was pretty good :)

Opening gifts with his bday glasses his Grandma gave him!

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