Monday, February 7, 2011

Week of Jan 31 to Feb 6, 2011

I keep meaning to blog and then I get sidetracked and now I have so much to write about. I'm going to stick with last week and leave the rest for another time.

Monday, we stayed home. It was fabulous! We did our school work and then I don't remember what we did :) Tuesday, Madison had Brownies and daddy took her so I could stay home and exercise. Wednesday, we went to a local jumpy place with our homeschool group for social day. That night, all 3 kiddos had karate class and I got a whole hour to myself, at home alone. What did I do? Exercise! Are you sensing a theme here? I'm trying to defeat this hypothyroidism weight gain. It seems to be working :) Thursday night, I took Andrew and Madison to their tumbling class and Jason took Grady to Tellus where they listened to a lecture from an archeologist. Grady has expressed an interest in archeology and I was thrilled that Jason was off that day and could take him. The weather was iffy and they did have to deal with some ice on the drive. I was glad when they returned home and that Grady had a good time! Friday, we stayed home and daddy went to work. We did our school work and played all afternoon. the weekend was full of me painting our living room ceiling and making new curtains while the kids played happily outside. I was crazy tired last night and my neck and arms hurt like crazy, but our ceiling looks fantastic. I'll share pics later!

On the education front, mostly we are just continuing on through our curriculum. Madison finished her Singapore 3A math book and so I ordered her the next one. While we wait for it she is playing multiplication games online to help her memorize it all. Andrew is almost finished with his first grade math book. This has led to me to think a lot about what to do next. He's already advanced a grade level and the work is easy for him. I didn't know if I should move him into 2nd grade math or what. I have decided to get the Singapore word problems and extensive practice for him before moving on to second grade math. I have no clue why, but I have a hang up on moving him to second grade right now. He's super smart, but I don't want to move him too fast. Grady is plugging along as well, he just hasn't finished anything recently, so there's not much to report!

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Gretchen said...

Yay--you're back! I keep meaning to take better advantage of our Tellus membership...have you done any of the homeschool classes? I can't quite figure out how to work it with different aged kids...