Friday, February 11, 2011

Feb7-Feb11, 2011

Monday and Tuesday, Madison played online multiplication games while we waited for her new math books to get here. They really helped to reinforce her facts. On Thursday and Friday, she worked on mental math in Singapore 3B. She has done a pretty terrific job. It terrified me as she usually takes a while to "get it". The rest of the math book looks pretty easy and i think she will move through it quickly. In LLATL, she read about George Washington and today (Friday) she did an oral presentation on our first president. She did a great job!

Grady took a quiz over decimals in TT7. He scored an A! Then he moved on to the percentage chapter for the rest of the week. In LLATL, Grady learned about tall tales. he started writing his own tall tale today and will finish it next week. He also had a presentation to do today. He read a Dr. Suess book to his brother and sister. He is a shy child so this is a great thing for him to practice. He did a fantastic job!

Andrew flew through division and telling time. Today, he worked on numbers to 100. He had zero problem with this. He will finish Singapore 1B within the next 2 weeks I am guessing. I will purchase the intensive practice and word problems books soon. I am hoping this gives him something challenging to work on. He continues to do well in his LLATL. He can sound out pretty much anything they give him. He does have some trouble remembering the sight words.

All together the kids learned about radioactivity in Chemistry. We worked on word roots on Tuesday. Wednesday we took the day off since we had to be at co-op at 1 for a Valentine Party! We all had a lot of fun making Valentines and boxes and then exchanging them at the party:) After the party the kids went to their separate classes and I helped in Grady's first class and in Madison's second class. Andrew went to his classes by himself!! I think at,6 years old, this was a first. Everyone loves their time spent at co-op! Thursday we studied the vikings in SOTW 2. Today, we made viking bread and watched a documentary about the Vikings on Hulu.

It has been a good week! Next week swim team starts! It will be crazy for a while around here until we can establish the new routine :)

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Homeschooling6 said...

Oh, it's nice to see another LLATL user. My Ethan, is using the Blue and I'm having so much fun. I like everything about it. Although we do skip some phonics because we are using Saxon Phonics. I wanted something fun to do with my little guy and LLATL is perfect.