Friday, November 30, 2012

Gluten Free Musings

    We've been gluten free for about 3 months. Our reasons are varied but mainly due to our youngest son. Being gluten free has helped him immensely already. He has gained about 2 pounds, grown a half inch and his attitude has improved.

photo credit and gluten free info: gluten free   

The cooking hasn't really been a problem. I find all kinds of recipes on Pinterest. Pie crust has proven to be difficult, but I'm confident that I'll figure that out. The main issue is just having enough food. I have a very tall and still growing, almost 13 year old boy. He eats a lot. He's very active with swimming and running. I can't keep him or his younger brother full. Since going gluten free, Andrew (our youngest) is always hungry, which is great since he needs to gain weight. I am just really tired of hearing, "I'm hungry." ALL THE TIME! Any ideas!! I would love to hear them. I just went to the grocery store today. I bought the whole store. When I came home my husband said, "Now we have food for 2 days!" No joke! I meal planned and it should be enough food for a week, but I am sure that it won't last. I honestly don't know if it's the gluten free food or just growing boys. Has anyone else noticed an increase in hunger since going gluten free?


Gretchen said...

We seem to get an increase in hunger every couple of months around here no matter what we do....I think it's just boys. I try to push fats and proteins for snacks to keep them full longer, but, really, nothing seems to keep them full for long.

Cassie McCollum said...

Thanks Gretchen! Grady eats so much. I hate grocery shopping these days. It takes so much food to feed everyone.