Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eco Kayak Tour on the Bay

Jason convinced me to go on a 4 hour kayak tour on the bay. Cape San Blas is a peninsula. On one side is the Gulf of Mexico. On the other side is the same water, but it's protected by land on 3 sides, so it's called a bay. There's no fresh water running into it. It's calm and pretty shallow, but it has all the same animals in it that the ocean does. We had 2 kayaks for us and the tour guide had one for himself. Grady and I had a tandem kayak and Jason and Madison had a tandem with a middle seat added for Andrew. It was fun and didn't seem like 4 hours to me. I am glad I went.

We got up at 7, to be at the kayak place by 8. The kids all have their own beds, but prefer to sleep together most nights on the sofa bed. So cute :)

Hey, look what I found!!

One island we stopped at to look for some specimens.

lots of grass

following the tour guide

tube worm egg sac
There were a lot of these all around. Kind of like a ball of mucus, pretty gross, but the kids liked to pick them up.

hermit crab in Grady's hand

conch in Andrew's hand


fiddler crab in Madison's hand

all done!


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