Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Florida Caverns State Park

Last week, we took a 2 hour trip to Marianna, FL. They have a state park there with a cave tour. We have always wanted to go, but we never felt like driving the 4 hours. We are so glad we had the opportunity this time. The cave is awesome. Grady was fascinated and now wants to tour other caves. This cave was discovered by a CCC worker, during the Great Depression. The CCC workers hand dug out the ground of the cave so that the public could tour it. It took about 5 years to do this. Each room of the cave has a different name according to the formations in the room. There's a wedding room, a fracture room a circle room and many more. It's pretty cool and I'd recommend it to anyone in the area.

After the tour, I snapped this pic of the happy and hot foursome.

all white and smooth calcite

The drapery formation, my favorite.

Stalactites and stalagmites

Column where the stalactites and stalagmites joined.

Walking down the stairs into the cave.

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