Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Geocaching in St. George Island

Today, we decided to eat lunch out and then do some geocaching. We ate in Applachicola and then headed to St. George Island. The pictures are in reverse order, but I'll explain them :)

We tried our hand at using the timer on the camera. We didn't realize the pic was taken after the light went off. This was the better one! We'll try again.

View of the bay at St. George State Park.

We are looking at a cache under a boardwalk here.

Oyster boat at state park. We found another cache here.

Wonderful park by the lighthouse on St. George Island.

Another cache found near the lighthouse.

St. George Island Lighthouse

Cache behind St. George welcome sign.

Our first stop was in Applach. These are several oyster boats out in the bay fishing. We found our first cache here. Actually, Jason found it and we watched. It was hidden pretty well in the woods.

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